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Kilima Herbal tea

  • The product was soured all of it in Africa and some other countries with similar product.
  • The product is neutral and without a strange taste and has no side effects and with zero HP.
  • The products are packaged in small tea bags squire in shape and they packed in Round container.
  • The inner product are packed in sealed silver and transparent pouch and teabags are 24 in side.
  • The product are sealed and the top cover can either be white or red and  had plastic lock.
  • The instruction on how to use the is all the container.





Kilima Herbal Soap.

  • The product was designed for all the people who are found in the area of a temperature range between 16-48 degrees Celsius who have all types of the skin and hair textures irrespective of the kinds of foods they eating.
  • The soap is only 100 gram in size and can be used all the time day and night washing of the body in order to remove order and smell in the whole body and removed all the dead skin in the softer parts of the body, like arm pits, around the privates parts, behind the ears, between nails and toes, the fingers, on the head for dandruff growth and removal of smelly skin in the body

Kilima Aloe Vera Healing Cream [50ml]

  • The product is for skin types and for all environments and is based on the history of the use of Aloe right through the history of African people.
  • The highest concentration of aloe in product the best healer for all sun burns , rushes in the skin, cuts, abrasions, dry patches, and cracked heels and between toes  all the cut of shaving.
  • Apply the cream in all the body areas that have burns and cuts, sours,  braises, rushes and cracked heels and smear the cream on the affected area and rub it until it is absorbed in the skin.
  • Do not apply next to the eyes and the open wounds.





Kilima Herbal Body Butter Cream

  • This is body Butter cream that has highly concentration of Aloe Vera for restoring the natural nature of skin making it much more fresh, glowing and looking much younger. It revives all the skin types making them more natural and fresh. Because it feeds the skin with aloe Vera content you can apply it twice a day after bathing for maximum benefits and skin refreshments.

Avoid the product from touching the eye and store it in cool places

Kilima Sexual Herbal Drink

  • The product is in 1 Litre plastic bottle will all the aloe Vera and other herbal nutrition for assisting the body of man and woman to be active and to perform at the maximum and have a long and lasting erection on the side of man and be energetic and active on the side of all woman and improve their desire for the longer performance and maximum satisfactions.
  • The healing and refreshing of Aloe Vera products make the product very accommodative therefore All patients with diabetic are welcome and their fear has taken into consideration and there are welcome to speak to their doctors about the product.
  • Note one must always keep their medication if you are on medication but the product has no side effects that are known in this country.



Kilima Aloe Vera Energy Drink

  • The drinks are on 500 ml, 1.0 litre bottles with different flavors, Lemon, green tea, Orange, apple, Mango, and aloe Vera Drink. All these drink are highly concentrated with African aloe Vera product and all other energy product that was discovered in Africa and the other area the support this temperature.
  • When you drink products while driving at work you are giving your body another support for growth in the cells and when you finish driving or working your body will relax you will have a peaceful sleep and the Aloe Vera Energy Drink will replace all the lost cells of your body and when you wake there will no headaches or dizziness and your body wakeup  strong and refreshed with all the energy you needs to start another day of work.

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About Our Company
Through our comparison and research done at the Eskimos in Alaska some African Countries, people in the remote area and minimally uncivilized areas with little to no transport infrastructure, it was revealed that food, meat (chicken & beef) and maize meal that people eat where grown by genetic chemical and injection and those chemical are trying to grow in our bodies so that in 28 days we will be matured and they end up killing our cells veins  muscles skin and inner parts and we end up with a lot of pain in our body and we develop diabetes, BP, cancer, Ulcer, kidney failure, Heart failure , Arthritis, and growth and  30 % in our body cell and tissue in the whole body are dead and we end up with cell that do not multiply and we always feel tired ,weak and smelly when we sweat.
More Facts About Kilima
Business of your own become an agent and earn an income, knowledge with a world class company.
  1. Health good sexual life better life style and financial freedom.
  2. Beautiful skin, well-shaped body, no smell and happiness all the way.
  3. Secured employment opportunities with growing salaries every month.
  4. Traveling and meeting more friends and family and creating better life for other people and giving   them hope.
  5. Come and fix the life of your family members, friends, relatives, neighbor and be reach in rewards and stay blessed from above with Kilima Herbal Tea.