About Us

Why do you need Kilima herbal tea

It is because the body you have, has problems of health, that is weak, tired, nonperforming in all spheres of life and full of disease and pains that you need Kilima Herbal Tea cleaning and revival product to restore your life with power and energy.

The History of Kilima Health and Foods Supplements


The products were the results of the research done to all the diseases coursing problems and the faults that the people in Africa are going through because of poverty, malnutrition and the fact that our country is a dumping area for all the unwanted product that the world produces and finds unwanted. These products are transported to Africa for dumping and find a market of the poor community which is looking for cheaper foods and they consume them without exercise and reservation.

As a consequence, disease’s find their way to our communities and the life of stress and technology that is not bringing solution to our problems ensure that we are trapped in fast life without proper foods and weaker bodies receive the following problems of our bodies, cancer, diabetic, unhealthy blood pressure, abnormal growth of some parts of the body, skin disease, loss of eye sight and hearing,  bad odor on all sweating parts of our all our bodies including arm pits and genital areas, rapid aging, and woman, obesity, prostate cancer, impotence and low sperm count  for young men, failing to conceive on young woman.

All of these problems weaken the digestive system. In modern society, only the few who can afford the natural grown foods will be able to survive this tragedy. It is because all those situation that the business was started in order to address the problems facing our nation and our future generations.