About Us

Why do you need Kilima herbal tea

It is because the body you have, has problems of health, that is weak, tired ,nonperforming in all spheres of life and full of disease and pains that you need Kilima Herbal Tea cleaning and revival product to restore your life with power and energy.

The History of Kilima Health and Foods Supplements

Around 1969 to 1985 we witness the coming of Generic foods in our country and people stop plowing foods the farms and people were now having all the facilities around their corner and a few people were unable to walk a kilometer a day. Our people were all grouped together and all the school, Churches, clinics, water, jobs and government building were all just a walking distance away and new transport system arrive busses , taxis, mini taxi, Flights, and Water transportation. That means a man will wake up and walk only 25 meter to the bus stop, another 150.00 meters to the work area and some meters at work areas and then home to sleep after eating the type of foods that grown in the laboratory manufactured fertilizers no sweating no exercise no playing and the population starts to explode and the generation of people who are born of laboratory foods emerges and they went through drugs in all the stages of growth and the fruits and vegetables  meats we eats are all grown through drugs and we started to see people developing new disease like gonorrhea and drops and all the sexually transmitted disease  e.g. TB you can name all the diseases the HIV, Cancer, Sugar, BP, diabetes, Ulcer, Gout, Athraictice, stroke and Heart disease, Kilima Health and foods supplements was started and we were aiming to clean the disease  from the systems because a few people can afford the organic foods as they are very expensive. We are cleaning all the system for all sugar, Salts ,Minerals, Fats , Drugs ,Spices any things that came to our body as medicine as the create a situation where our body cannot fight the disease and pain naturally and the body can grow and growth was based on the drugs that we grow up using and our age are now old and unhealthy and  them from your system and we will build your life and add new natural energy to your system in such way that you will feel like the way you use to feel 15 years ago, Those with sexuality problem importance infection of womb grow and all other disease will be cleaned.